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⭐️Super EngineeringRobo

⭐️EngineeringRobo 1

⭐️EngineeringRobo 2

⭐️Engineering Robo 3

⭐️Moon & Hell

⭐️Bull & Bear

⭐️Engineering Robo's Cloud

You can also use 10+ indicators with EngineeringRobo 4.0 to improve your strategy.

Moon & Hell

Robo Advisor

Who is " Moon & Hell " Robo?

⭐️It is a simple-yet-cool indicator

⭐️When the “Moon or Hell “closes below top of the closing price, a Moon - Buy signal is generated

⭐️It might give many false signals in sideways trends

⭐️Spontaneous, life is never boring around it

⭐️It works perfectly on the 1W chart

Bull & Bear

Robo Advisor

Who is the " Bull & Bear " Robo?

⭐️It is also called as a Money Flow, it shows you where to money goes: To Bulls or Bears?

⭐️It can be a fairly valuable tool - use with caution in sideways trends

⭐️It works depending on Short or Long Term Momentum

⭐️Flexible, always read to explore something new

⭐️It works perfectly on the 1W chart

EngineeringRobo's Cloud

Robo Advisor

Who is "EngineeringRobo's Cloud "?

⭐️It is inspired by Ichimoku Cloud and uses a unique formula

⭐️It is time to "BUY" when the red cloud turns into the green cloud on the chart

⭐️It is time to "SELL" when the green cloud turns into the red cloud on the chart

⭐️Born to be in front of others and to capture the stage

⭐️It works perfectly on the 1W - 3D - 1D and 3H charts

EngineeringRobo 3

Robo Advisor

Who is the " EngineeringRobo 3 "?

⭐️It is a mysterious indicator

⭐️You never guess when to see this indicator

⭐️It has one of the highest success rates at the backtest results with "Buy 3 & Sell 3"

⭐️This robo is usually self-sufficient and would rather work alone than in a group

⭐️It works on the 1W - 3D - 1D - 3H charts

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EngineeringRobo keeps an eye on market prices all the time ( 24 / 7 ) so that you don’t have to be glued to a trading terminal.

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