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July 24, 2018
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July 24, 2018

All the VIP members will get "Tradingview Easy Access Tool- Binance BTC Pair " & " Tradingview Easy Access Tool- Binance USDT Pair " & " Tradingview Easy Access Tool- Bittrex BTC Pair " to increase their profitability .

My crypto trading strategy has been working well for years! Let me share it with you!

1 ) Trade with BTC pair in a bull market, trade with USDT pair in a bear market. Don’t confuse it!
2 ) Less is more! Don’t use more than 3 – 4 Robots or Indicators at the same time.
Trend lines, Moving Averages, Fibonacci levels and Chart patterns. Trend lines are the most important indicators in any market.

3 ) Averaging down is the worst strategy. Averaging up is much better! You should buy coins when they’re on the way up in price, not on the way down.

4 ) Never forget the 20 / 80 rule. 80 % traders lost money to 20 % to traders / investors.

5) Trend is your friend. Don’t fight against it!

6 ) Buy coins/ stocks as much as you can track easily. If you are comfortable tracking 10 coins, then you should buy a max 10 coins not more!
7 ) Don't risk more than you can afford to lose.

8) Be selective about who you follow in the market! More than 90% of the people are loser. Don’t follow the crowd.

9 ) Every 90% loss began as a 10% or 20% loss. Learn to always sell coins quickly when you have a small loss rather than waiting and hoping that they’ll come back.

10) If you have a loss on a trade after a week or two, you are clearly wrong. Even when you are around breakeven, but a significant amount of time has passed, you are probably wrong there too.

11) Never buy or sell just because the price is low or high.

12) Do not FOMO, but consider the effects of FUD.

13) Never over-trade.

14) Don’t close trades without a good reason.

15) Your stake size should not be more than 1% - 5% of your capital on any single trade.

16 ) Don’t try to guess tops or bottoms. Let the market show you that it has genuinely made a top or bottom.

17 ) Our recommendations to get the best results:

Swing Trading Crypto : Use 1D Time Frame Candles

Swing Trading Stocks : Use 1W Time Frame Candles

Swing Trading Commodities : Use 1W Time Frame Candles

Day Trading Crypto : Use 3H Time Frame Candles

Day Trading Stocks : Use 1D Time Frame Candles

Day Trading Commodities : Use 1D Time Frame Candles

18 ) If you are not investing a minimum of 30 minutes per day in trading, you should always wait for the daily confirmation before making any buying decision!



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